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Unlimited Professional Wiki Backlinks from 3,000 Wiki Articles

Get unlimited contextual wiki backlinks for your links/keywords

We will submit 3,000 wiki articles for you, you will choose how many links should be in each article.
So if you choose to get 3 backlinks per article this mean you will get 9,000 wiki backlinks
if you choose 10 links per article this way you get 30,000 wiki backlinks
please note that there is no limit for links per article

This Gig is ideal for link wheel & link pyramids campaigns.

  • We will use 5 High quality related articles for submission (Order another GIG for extra 25 articles, 2 GIGs for extra 75 articles)
  • wiki links are no-follow
  • We accept multiple URLs (unlimited) with unlimited keywords for each URL.
  • Links will submitted with premium captcha solving services.
  • We will create accounts for your submission and will provide you with the accounts credentials (usernames & passwords) reports.
  • Full detailed reports (.txt and .csv) for your links and accounts.

    Why Choose My Wiki Backlinks Service:
    1. SEO Expertise: With a solid background in search engine optimization, I recognize the significance of reputable backlinks in improving your website's credibility and search engine rankings.

    2. Manual Creation: I provide 100% manual Wiki backlink creation. Each backlink is carefully researched, meticulously crafted, and placed within the appropriate context on reputable Wiki platforms.

    3. High Authority Wikis: I focus on leveraging high authority Wiki platforms such as Wikipedia, Wikia, and others to ensure that the backlinks come from trustworthy sources.

    4. Contextual Relevance: I ensure that the content surrounding your backlinks is contextually relevant to your niche, making them even more valuable

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